Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Songwriting For Dummies!!!

i am in the process of writing a song for my worship and arts student ministry. i, of course, kept putting it off since being given the assignment at the beginning of the semester until now, 1 week before I have to record it. I am such a moron sometimes.i have started writing about 3 songs but nothing is doing with these. i want to write love songs to God but i feel inadequate sometimes, well all of the time. i know that there are some songs in me but i just cannot seem to get them out of my scrambled thoughts. God has created me to be a worshipper and i want to show Him how much i love Him via songs. i am so a.d.d.h.d.d.a.d.d.h.d.d. that i cannot focus even for a few minutes to write a blog. (FRUSTRATION)

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