Thursday, June 21, 2007

my heart 2

all my life i have been told i should be a music/worship pastor. i have, until recently, bought into that idea, seeking the approval of man. then, around the week of April 9, 2007, GOD really began to move me into another direction; a direction i had never thought could be for me. i had heard Fred Markert, the International Director of YWAM Strategic Frontiers, speak on foreign missions, and GOD had started dealing with me; but it wasn't until Craig Kuehn, director of Calvary International, spoke at our school that i realized that i have been called to the nations.

this step is going to be a step of faith because no one in my family has ever been on the mission field. i have never really been involved with a missionary except on a monetary level. i am anxious to go through the process. i pray for HIS guidance in every aspect of my life. stay tuned for more updates and pray for me. i need it. GOD bless.

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